hello fellow gamers

hi im bee, im 21+, mentally ill, chronically in pain and fatigued. im lgbt+ (nonbinary and bi) and go by they/them!

i do art sometimes, i play games sometimes, & im just a nerd in general.

anyhow, im excited to test out this new blogging platform!!

my icon is from the picrew made by makowwka on twitter



heres things i like and love and that you may see on this blog


- homestuck (specifically: sollux, the other captors, aradia, kanaya, rose, roxy, dave(sprite) )

- overwatch (specifically: zenyatta, dva, genji)

- apex (specifically: pathfinder, bloodhound, crypto, wattson)

- sun sets/sun rises

- cityscapes

- flight rising (my profile on there is twinanthidium#15453 !!)

- minecraft

- bands: everything everything, joywave, mother mother, big data, MIKA, gorillaz, saint motel, steam powered giraffe, young the giant, etc..... i love a lot of bands really. i listen to primarily indie rock and electronic. catch me falling asleep to hour long synthwave playlists from yt

- lgbt+ positive spaces and support among the community

- cats (its the internet, of course im a cat person)


- d&d (ive only played 2nd edition, but i enjoy it a lot)

- stardew valley

- moonlighter

- pixel art

- video game design & concept art

- nature & plants

- bees (and many other insects)

- fashion & fashion design

- horror movies/games/stories/etc

- kdramas

- moomins